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Web browsers have come a long way in the last few years, leaving some older browsers lacking the features and usability necessary for a modern website.

Problems with Outdated Browsers

1. They are insecure.   One of the easiest ways to get a virus is to use an outdated browser. Modern browsers update automatically, so they are always current and as secure as possible.

2. Web pages don't look right.   Old browsers can't render modern pages the way they are supposed to, so websites look and feel broken.

3. Web pages don't work right.   Old browsers can't do all of the things modern browsers can, like video and interactive features.

4. Old browsers are slow.   Old browsers work much slower than modern browsers. This takes all the fun out of surfing the web, especially on older hardware and slow connections.

Free Browser Options - Quick and Easy to Install

You can install a free browser in just a few minutes, and it won't replace your existing browser. You can still surf the internet the way you're used to and only use the new browser when you choose to (but we're certain you'll enjoy the Internet a lot more in a newer browser and will quickly stop using the outdated browser).

You can't go wrong with any of the 3 main modern browsers. All of them are free, easy to install, support modern web standards, and have great performance.

The choice between the 3 comes down to personal preference (just like ATV brands!), so you can pick just one or install them all and see which one you like best.


I've used Mozilla Firefox for years (and still use it as my main browser). It supports modern standards, has good features, and supports a huge variety of add-ons. It is getting a little bloated (to be fair so am I), but still has great performance and is very stable.

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome is a lean, mean browsing machine. Compared to Firefox it may feel stripped down, but it is a very clean, capable browser. It has excellent support for modern standards and is very fast.

Click here to download Google Chrome


Being a Mac user I have to love Apple Safari. It has the best support of modern standards (and is usually the first to support them) and has contributed hugely to the modern internet we all enjoy. If I wasn't already hooked on Firefox when I switched to Mac this would surely be my main browser.

Click here to download Apple Safari

Internet Explorer

As a web designer and programmer Internet Explorer has been the bane of my existence. If it can be avoided I recommend avoiding it. It is known for being insecure and doesn't play well with the other children. The newer versions are much better, but it is still a distant last in my book.

Click here to download the latest IE

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