Mail Drop Loop ATV Ride in Southern Utah

The Mail Drop Loop is probably Southern Utah’s best known ATV ride, and for good reason:  it’s great!  It combines fun trails with incredible views and great history.

The Mail Drop was a place that the Pony Express rider out of Kane County would go to, overlooking a 500 foot drop at the edge of the Canaan Mountain ridge, and lower the mail bag down using a long cable and pulley.  The mail would be picked up near the town of Schunesburg, and would be delivered to communities along the Virgin River.

You can ride to or from Coral Pink Sand Dunes, about 6 miles from Elephant Butte.  This is a great ride for most of the year, and one you can take the entire family on.

The main Mail Drop Loop can be done in 2 or 3 hours, but 4 or 5 would be better if you’re including some side trails, like The Barracks, or the White Cliffs overlook on Harris Mountain.

Happy riding!

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