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Straight Canyon / Crawford Pass Loop

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This loop starts at a staging area by Tropic Reservoir, just over the mountain from Bryce Canyon National Park. It is a beautiful area with open meadows, streams, pine tress, and lots of wildlife. Depending on the time of year its likely you'll see some deer, beaver dams and maybe their owners, and maybe even some of the 600 elk that call this area home.

This ride has three very nice overlooks where you can see south all the way into Arizona (almost to the Grand Canyon), and west almost to Lake Powell. You'll definitely want your camera on this ride!

Most of this ride is easy going and fine for beginners. There are a few places where it gets a bit steep and has some sharp switchbacks, but with a little caution these are easily passable.

This ride was featured at the 2010 Bryce Rally, along with several other rides in the area. There are about 10 canyons in this area, all connected along a ridge at the top, so you can mix and match canyons and easily spend several days exploring the area.

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Ride Reviews

Great Ride Through Beautiful Country
5 / 10
Feb 4, 2011
We went on this ride at the 2010 Bryce ATV Rally in Panguitch, Utah. It was their first year but they did a great job, and this was a really enjoyable ride.
This ride has a few incredible overlooks where you can see for a hundred miles. The ride goes through beautiful meadows and pine forests, and its a great chance to see some deer. I saw some really nice bucks and a bunch of does.
There are a lot of other rides nearby, which makes this a great place to camp for a few days and see the area.
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Ride Details
Author Brian
Distance 52.18 miles
Type Loop
State Utah
Difficulty 5 / 10
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