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Seegmiller Mountain Loop

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The Seegmiller Mountain Loop starts at the Fort Pierce staging area, roughly between Hurricane and St. George, Utah. It's a popular ride at the Tri-State ATV Jamboree in Hurricane, Utah.

About a half-mile west of the staging area is the historic Fort Pierce, a lava-rock fort built in 1885 during the Black Hawk War. This is a great addition to the ride, and you can drive your car or ATV right to it. Also nearby are dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs.

This ride starts in Utah, but quickly goes south of the border into Arizona, on the Arizona Strip. About 95% of the ride is in Arizona.

During the summer this ride can be plenty hot, so be prepared with ample water and other supplies. This is a great ride in the winter, when the rides further north are buried in snow.

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Ride Reviews

Really fun ride
4 / 10
Oct 27, 2013
This trail is quite pretty and has varied terrain wich keeps it fun and interesting. The views are amazing and should be enjoyed by all. Trailhead is fairly easy to find. Thanks for posting the GPS track.
Good Ride
4 / 10
Dec 5, 2012
I went on this ride in December 2008. Thankfully, it wasn't snowing on us when we went. Though it was quite cold. We spent our breaks huddled around the exhaust of our ATVs to warm up!

About half way on this trail or as you look at the southern part of the trail on the map. There is a dirt road going north for about a mile(you may need to zoom in). It takes you to the top of a mtn. Its more of a mesa. There is some antennas/electronic equipment on the top. From there you can see St George, Sand Mountain(Sand Hollow State Park), and the Hurricane Cliffs. These antennas can be seen from the St George area.
A Beautiful, Fun Ride (Great in the Winter)
4 / 10
Feb 16, 2011
I rode this ride at the 2006 Tri-State ATV Jamboree with my Dad and brother, and it was a very fun, wonderful ride. It was snowing like crazy! We had to use one hand as a windshield wiper most of the time just to be able to see.
We were late getting there and the group had already left, so we were riding wide open trying to catch them. It was snowing so hard that their tracks were getting covered by the new snow and it was everything we could do to keep following them. They were over half way done by the time we caught up with them.
There is one point where you are going down (or up) a long steep grade that has an amazing view to the southwest. Definitely a picture spot. There are a lot of neat views on this ride.
If you ride this in the summer aim for a day that isn't too hot and go very prepared. You wouldn't want to get stranded on the Arizona Strip in July! This is a great group ride (including jamborees) and easy enough for almost all riders.
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Ride Details
Author Brian
Distance 53.48 miles
Type Loop
State Arizona
Difficulty 4 / 10
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