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Marysvale Two Track Challenge

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This ride is from the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree in Richfield, Utah, and leaves from Marysvale, Utah. It is a long ride (maybe too long for a jamboree setting) and takes in a wide variety of country. You start out in desert lowlands surrounded by sand and sagebrush, and go through really high mountains surrounded by pines and quakies.

With a group of quick riders this would be a very fun, very scenic ride. The ride consists of two loops, so it would be quite easy to omit either one to alter the length of the trip. With a large group that includes slow riders both loops might seem to drag on for riders that want to go faster, and seem like an endurance test for the uninitiated.

You'll pass by Big Rock Candy Mountain on the Sevier River, Barney Lake, Manning Meadows Reservoir, and a lot of other scenic spots for lunch or lay-overs. A couple mile side trip will take you to the Upper and Lower Box Creek Reservoirs.

This ride will take you from below 6,000 feet to over 10,600 with incredible views of the surrounding area. This is a full-day ride.

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Ride Reviews

Great Ride with the Right Group
7 / 10
Feb 25, 2011
My Dad and I did this ride at the 2009 Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree. There were 20 riders (not including guides), and some were less experienced and liked to go slower, so the ride ended up taking all day until after dark.
The ride itself was great. We covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of the countryside! In the lower elevations you're in the desert and sagebrush. In the higher elevations you are deep in the pines and quakies.
There were some relatively technical places, and in all 5 of the riders flipped their ATV's on this ride! It wasn't that the ride was ~that~ difficult, it was just a very long ride so there is plenty of time to let your guard down.
Near the end of the ride it was raining and dark, and my Dad didn't see a big rock in the trail (bigger than a basketball), flipping his ATV and breaking his ankle in 3 places. He was able to ride off the mountain in the middle of crazy rain and lighting.
This is a great ride in a beautiful area, but probably too long for a jamboree setting. With a smaller group of experienced riders this is a great ride (and there are trails all over, so the distance is flexible).
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Ride Details
Author Brian
Distance 102.87 miles
Type Loop
State Utah
Difficulty 7 / 10
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