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Manti Sheep Trail / Sixmile Canyon Loop

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The Manti Sheep Trail / Sixmile Canyon Loop is featured at the Manti Mountain ATV Run. The ride goes up the Manti Sheep Trail and comes down Sixmile Canyon, and goes across about 6 miles of Skyline Drive at well over 10,000 feet with incredible views in all directions.

Going up the Manti Sheep Trail gets a bit steep at times but is passable by all but beginners (though I wouldn't try it in snow or mud).

This is a really fun, really beautiful ride! There are a lot of deer and elk in the area, and plenty of opportunities to stop and look for them. There are quite a few great overlooks where you could spend a few minutes with binoculars and have a good chance of spotting wildlife.

Coming down Sixmile Canyon this ride goes off the main road and takes a side trip starting at Blue Meadows and going through some fantastic meadows and side canyons. This side trip is a highlight of the ride.

At the bottom of Sixmile Canyon there is another side trip that takes you to the top of a knoll overlooking Palisade State Park. It's a nice place to stop and rest before finishing out the ride, and is a good spot for a picture.

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Ride Reviews

Fun ride
6 / 10
Aug 2, 2012
We started out from Lake Palisade , first little part of six mile canyon was rough mostly wash out from rain, but not to bad, up the canyon we ducked off the road onto a 50" trail that was really neat .
skyline trail was by far the best view i've seen, got great family pictures up there.
A Great Ride That I Can't Wait To Do Again
6 / 10
Feb 28, 2011
I did this ride with my Dad and brothers at the Manti Mountain ATV Run and we had a really great time. This is a fantastic ride that includes all sorts of terrain and some incredible views.
There were a few spots that would make me nervous with inexperienced riders, but we had over 20 in our group and didn't have any problems.
Going up the Sheep Trail you are riding along the top of a ridge and can look down into the canyons on either side. Without a helicopter it would be tough to find a better view of the area. Then you do the same thing along Skyline Drive but you can see 10 times farther! We stopped at the highest point on Skyline Drive at 10,897 feet and you can see forever.
I loved the side trip through Blue Meadows coming down Sixmile Canyon. That was really fun! Parts of it are like a roller coaster going through dense forest.
The only hard part with this ride is that there is so much to look at and so many places to see animals that I had to remind myself to watch the road.
The bottom of Sixmile Canyon and the rest of the trip back to Manti are just parts you have to get through, but they are broken up nicely by a quick trip to the top of a hill overlooking Palisade State Park.
This is a great half-day trip and I can't wait to do it again. The Manti Mountain ATV Run was a fun little jamboree, and August is just the right time to be there.
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Ride Details
Author Brian
Distance 46.90 miles
Type Loop
State Utah
Difficulty 6 / 10
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