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Flat Canyon / Dairy Canyon Loop

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This is ride #3 at the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree in Richfield, Utah. It is quite a short ride, especially compared to the others on the Jamboree, but is a really fun ride that will likely exceed expectations.

The ride starts out on the frontage road along I-70 before going up Flat Canyon, where you quickly drop into a wash. This is a really fun part of the ride, and will be different after every rain storm! There are lots of beautiful rock and dirt formations, but you won't notice a lot of them because you're weaving in an out of ravines and crawling over little boulders. You'll definitely want to stop and smell the roses.

Half way through the ride is a nice hill to climb (and a good place for a break), with a good view of Richfield and the surrounding countryside. At the top of the hill is a trail that goes west and ties into the Trail 1 of the Paiute ATV Trail System, which can also be used to tie into Fillmore, Kanosh, and Marysvale.

Then you go down Dairy Canyon, which is very pretty and a little rugged. It's probably easier going down Dairy Canyon than up it. Wider side by sides may have problems getting through some of the narrower parts of the canyon, and there are some boulders to crawl over and around.

And before you know it you're back in the valley, exiting near a popular playground for ATV's, with jumps and berms and hill climbs (it's a legal open boundary ATV area, meant to be used).

The Flat Canyon / Dairy Canyon loop is a good quarter-day ride, and a good ride for a recuperation day on the Jamboree. It can easily be extended by going up to Trail 1.

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Ride Details
Author Brian
Distance 14.34 miles
Type Loop
State Utah
Difficulty Unrated
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